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Why choose Fabric Pro? 


Have you found yourself in the market for custom furniture , with fabrics that aren’t made with fabric protective technology or come protected by the manufacturer?


Here’s why you should choose us:


When choosing Fabric that already comes protected by the manufacturer, your selection of types of fabrics becomes very limited. Especially if there are pieces of furniture or fabrics you would love to have in your home that do not come protected. When you choose Fabric Pro, you do not have to settle on the furniture and fabrics you choose . We have done our research on other leading companies , products and pricing to further explain your advantages in choosing us ...


Crypton fabrics-$24.99 to $60 a yard. Comes protected on only select fabrics that meet their specific requirements.


Sunbrella- $21.95 to $142 a yard. Fabric is 100% solution dyed acrylic.


Fabric Pro- Treatment is $35 a linear ft - can treat just about any fabric including fabrics that require only dry cleaning such as silk and velvet.


Example-An average sofa is 7 ft long with up up to 6 sofa cushions. This size sofa would require around 20 yards of fabric to upholster.


Crypton estimated price- A Standard 7 ft sofa at 20 yards will run you about $499- $1,200 in Fabric alone.



Sunbrella estimated price- A standard 7ft sofa at 20 yards will run you about $439- $2840 in Fabric alone.



Fabric Pro price- A standard 7 ft sofa at $35 a linear foot will only cost $245. When treating sofas , we remove cushions and pillows, treat the full body of the sofa and all sides of the pillows and cushions before putting them back on the sofa.


As for our competitors- Fabric Pro will price match and even beat our competitors pricing. We understand the value of our clients and their items.




Choose your fabrics freely. Then choose us. Because life happens....

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